A2 Beef


Risks and Mitigating Factors



Over the company’s life (8 years) there has never been a case of cattle theft. We have also taken the following steps to address this risk:

  • The farm manager has his residence on the farm.
  • The area surrounding the feedlots is secured with electric fencing.
  • Feedlot is a member of the local community forum which functions effectively.

Dreaded Disease


The cattle are comprehensively insured against all dreaded disease. The cattle are insured at the price for which they are purchased. Please contact us for further details.

Death of cows other than from disease


It is possible for cows to die from causes other than dreaded diseases. A2 Beef has had a mortality rate of 0.5% per annum. This is remarkably low and although the reasons for these deaths are often out of A2 Beef’s control the following steps have been taken to address this risk:

  • Experienced staff walk through the feedlot four times per day to identify cows with any physical ailments so that these can be addressed immediately.
  • A2 Beef uses a local Vet who will address ailments identified.